Importance of Funny Character Illustration in Comics

The demand for Illustration is rising day by day. One can find various types of illustrations in children’s books. The types of illustrations include – cartoon illustration, fiction illustration, 3D illustration, portrait illustration, magazine illustration and many others.  If we consider digital media, funny character illustration plays a very important role and is used in many fields like – comic books, cartoon movies, websites etc.  It became one of the important and pleasurable parts of the animation industry. The flavor of illustrations is seen mostly in cartoon movies and comic books. An illustration can be described as a drawing, painting or an artwork that is created to dictate a story or convey a message. Funny character illustration has a great impact on children as they are delivered in the form cartoon or comics to amuse children.

Everyone likes cartoon characters as they take us into a very different world. The first thing that strikes our mind when we think of cartoon characters is fun and entertainment. With various illustrators and software available today, it has become very easy to create funny characters. One can use cartoon illustration to create realistic cartoon characters as well as remarkable artworks.

Photoshop is considered as the leading software for illustrators from around the globe. A majority of graphic designers and cartoonists use photoshop to sketch different funny characters which can complement the stories written for kids. Most of the kids get impatient to read the story and contents. But if the story is represented in the form of cartoons, they get the message and the idea of the story at a glance. Hence, cartoon illustrations and funny character illustrations play a vital role in comics.

Whether it is a cartoon illustration or fiction illustration, cartoonists are and designers are getting great help. The illustrations reduced the stress of writing long and lengthy scripts and stories. One can easily express the emotions and convey the message or moral of the story by just adding a few characters in it. But, designers must keep few things in mind that – the illustration is not amplified and is delivering the message in a simple way.   

On the other hand, fiction illustration grabs the attention of teenagers and youngsters. Fiction illustration is the medium in which text and images work together to convey a message or a story. It consists of various types and can be written for both children as well as adults. Fiction illustration can be inserted in picture books, comic strips, fiction novels, magazines etc.  Comic books with fiction illustration have a great impact and influence on children, as they present the story in a unique way.

Today, illustrations are highly in demand and people are showing interest to gain knowledge in creating illustrations. Readers can get a clear idea of content  by just seeing the visual representations. It saves   time of the readers and the efforts of the designer. For people who are interested in cartooning or want to become an illustrator, there are a number of resources available on the internet. With the help of tutorials available, one can easily turn their sketch into a cartoon illustration or funny character illustration.  With the help of resources available, You can easily learn from drawing a smiling face to creating a high quality 3D illustration.