Business Visibility with Flash and Cartoon Animation

In the field of computer animation, character animation is treated to be a specialized job area. In character animation process some featured persons or animals are animated with or without the aid of computers. This character animation is done considering creation of background and the environment they will act.

Character animation has a long history. In the primitive age, characters were engraved on the wall of the caves. They were not character animation but they had a story behind like the story board used today in the character animation. Traditional cartoon animation was done by using hand drawn sketches. Later, transparent cellular were used to make cartoon animation. This cellular’s were put on one after another and filmed with a special camera to make a illusion of moving character vertically and horizontally. In the latest computer imagery technology, in 3D animation process, realistic character animation is done from 3D mesh.

Now,  online presence has become a must for all types of business. Be it small or big, online or offline or has physical presence in brick wall or not. Today, cartoon animation in business is mainly used in television commercial and online promotions. Use of cartoon animation can build a strong online presence as well as brand image. Especially cartoon animation of logo with appealing graphic can put a lasting image in the mind of the consumers. Consumers’ attachment plays a significant role in their buying behavior. Making web videos with cartoon animation can make appealing content that keep the consumers engaged with the company and that helps in internet marketing.

Another use of cartoon animation can be, developing teaching materials in a fun way. Web video with cartoon animation makes the learning interesting, easier and holds the concentration of the learners. That makes imparting skill and knowledge easy. Many good tutorials are made with Flash.

Almost every dynamic web site uses more or less flash character animation. Adobe Flash is used for flash character animation. Itis a compiled file created by Adobe (Formerly Macromedia) Flash software. It generates a .swf file which can be played by flash player and can be embedded in HTML file. Flash can also create gif animation.

Flash character animation has become popular because of its portability. Flash character animation is possible with rich graphics but it takes less space. Flash character animation facilitates web design for almost every platform and devices as well as for slow internet speed. Only a small plug-in is required to play the flash character animation. It is free for most of the internet browsers and easy to install.

Flash covers multimedia platform. Web page design with flash offers a diversified option. It allows animated text, moving logos, graphics and also music and other types of advanced media features.

Flash character animation can response to mouse click and key board commands that enables the web site interactive and attractive. Almost all 2D graphics can be manipulated by Flash. Most of the object motion and visual style is possible by using its capabilities like motion twin, morphing, blurring and transition, transform, explode etc. Flash character animation makes users more engaged in the web site and prompts to come back to the site again and again.