Basically, clipping path means cutting out a portion from an image. In other words, we can say removing the selected portion and spots from the images to modify it is known as clipping. Multi clipping paths and color correction are the techniques that are frequently used by the graphic experts to modify an image.

The method of multiple clipping paths can be used, especially, for those images that need separation of some of the parts of the image. This can also achieve by splitting the image into small parts and further edit or manipulate them in Photoshop. One can even use multiple clipping paths to correct text that is wrapped around the image. With the help of color correction also one can achieve the desired image.

There are many times when we feel that the image would be much better some other color and background. One can easily build a desired image by using multiple clipping or color correction technique. In short, color correction and multiple clipping paths are great techniques in which one can bring new life to the image by removing unnecessary objects from the image. For this, one must visualize the image after color correction. These techniques can be used in a wide variety of fields like – magazines, catalogues, brochures etc. This is the reason why color grading services gained a lot of significance and value. Here is a step-by-step guide on how doing multiple clipping paths using photoshop.

  1. Select the image for which you want to create multiple clipping paths.
  2. Open that image in photoshop and select the pen tool after opening the image.
  3. From the pen tool menu, select the path option.
  4. By clicking on the image edge, drag the mouse pointer to the next step and move until you go close to the path.
  5. Now, you have selected the object, by completing the path around the objects.
  6. Double click on the “work path’ and save the path as ‘path -1’.
  7. Go to the pop-up menu and select the clipping path. Now, you have to select the path which you want to be clipped.  After selecting the path click OK.
  8. Save this file in PSD and TIFF format. Now, you can use this file in any of the programs you are working with for your design.

There are many photo editing companies in India that offer color grading services by using a wide range of techniques and tools. These companies have a team of professionals who ensures quick turnaround for the images. The color grading services are being used for extremely for creating jewelry designs. One can assemble a wide range of jewelry by this technique of multiple clipping paths. Moreover, these techniques save a lot of time while executing complex tasks like image editing, color correction and image masking. The overhead cost of the companies also reduces and one can incur more profit than expected.


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