Fill your portrait with glamour touch up and make it look even attractive.

A portrait of a person can be customized or touched up from top to bottom with the help of retouching services. Glamour Retouching and Photo Touch Up service from Fotoclipping is for any image to get a new look. We are expert at any part retouching from head to toe. It includes Makeup Enhancement, Braces Removal, Teeth Whitening, Wrinkle Reduction/Removal, Lips Enhancement, Skin retouching, Correct Distortion and such.


If you want to advertise your product, exhibit your photography, want to increase the popularity of your product or character then we are here to transform them to what you desire. The most general types of retouching are the ones that are engaged for correcting the blemishes and flaws of portrait photos. Retouching allows to correct roughness of the skin quality and other errors that might come into view on mounting the images.

image enhancement

Our hard working online consultant team is working around the clock, 24/7 to provide you with every solution of your questions.


Convert and custom your logo and artworks into vectorization

Vector graphics are stands on paths or stroke that lead from first to last position named control points. We provide each of these paths to be allocated a stroke color, fill, shape, and thickness. We enhance bitmap with an image which is made up of tiny squares of color. Searching an image revolves it into a sequence of vector illustrations that includes shapes, paths, fills and points which communicate to the lines and colors of original bitmap image. This is a good method of reproducing ‘continuous tone’ images, such as photographs.

The advantages of using vector graphics are many. It can help a small file size and has the ability to scale the image to any size without loss of quality. They are ideal for logo designs, as they can be printed very small on business cards or printed large on a billboard poster. Vector data can be easily scaled and otherwise manipulated to accommodate the resolution of a spectrum of output devices.

We can guarantee 100% satisfaction if you do your vectorized logo, photos, images, and pictures from our artwork team.

Vector Image Conversion

Vector Image Conversion

Significance of Graphics for Enhancing Traffic in E-Commerce Website

There is thousands of e-commerce sites on the web, making a sense is a key. It’s tough to employ a customer when they land on your page; or else they are going to leave.  How you capture their attention is to distinguish yourself from the competition with a superbly designed site that represents your brand. You need to communicate who you are and what you sell instantly. Your site’s ensign and imagery or product photographs manipulated graphically requires showing the customer that you are dissimilar and superior to all of the other companies selling products like yours.  It’s important for having an innovative e commerce site with active help of graphic design.    

With the growth of the Internet, the capability to excelling online in eCommerce business or in sending information is now tremendously fast. Companies have used the Internet as a means to expand their businesses in a shortest possible time. E-commerce websites with attractive graphics is a wonderful way to conduct business transactions online without going into a store. It allows people who would rather be shipped an item from a store instead of going to the actual store to purchase it just looking at the product imagery online.                   

E-commerce portal provide you secured payment gateway use, product and customer management through 24 *7*365 support, shopping cart incorporation are some of the general features those can be seen and experienced E-commerce portals. Similar to corporate graphic design, an E-commerce portal also requires high levels of graphic works. Such as, use of attractive banners, logos, Flash movies and videos may be a smart decision by the E-commerce web site owners. By using graphic the website owners put a long lasting impression on the minds of the visitors and also give them a chance to best promote themselves in the highly competitive online spectrum.     

Enhance Photos in Special Ways with Tools of Photoshop

Photography has become an art which captures the thoughts exactly. Unlike paintings, which show a mixture of feelings, photographs have the ability to vary the forms. In the present state of affairs, technology has taken its heights in all fields, and likewise it has done a great help in the photography field also. The days of, taking photograph’s using ‘films’ and developing them in a laboratory have gone. Era of digitalized forms of capturing the beauty has come. Photoshop, an unique software has opened the doors of modern photography. Any type of photo, in any form can be made perfect using Photoshop!

Especially Multiple clipping paths, Color Correction, Color Grading Services in Photoshop come to picture often. These tools are used to enhance the photos in special ways and thus upgrade their quality. Using these tools, Individual components of an image can be changed in terms of color level, multiple filling, and transform in any form in terms of opacity change, size, rotation and more. In addition, various filters & effects can be applied for photo enhancement. Actually a lot of individual image component adjustment in a single image can be made to give it a fresh and new look.  The multiple clipping path services are usually used with hand-drawn clipping paths and masking techniques for zero tolerance quality results. Clipping path is a vector path used for unraveling objects from their coating. It allows the objects to be placed on a new background. They are important in eliminating routine works in graphic design and desktop publishing. Sometimes multiple clipping paths are created to hide the unwanted portions of an image. Separate paths are sketched for both the image and the frame for graphic. Unique multiple clipping path services like Photoshop masking, masked pictures, background photo removal, knockout mask, image cut-out and other art-work services are undertaken for marketing, promotional and graphic usages.

Color correction is the next tool which is used to enhance the photographs. Color correction is one of the most important aspects of photo-editing in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop provides a comprehensive set of color-correction tools for adjusting the color and tone of individual images. You can, correct problems in color quality and tonal range created during the original photography or during image scanning and you can correct problems in composition and sharpen the overall focus of the image. Using the color correction tool, the background of the image, shadings of the image and even the colors can be corrected to the desired ones.  Any image can be made pixel perfect using this tool.

Color grading services, which go handy with the color correction tool, are similar to color correction tools only. Only the ‘grading’ is the unique quantity which distinguishes this tool from the other. Grading vary in all ranges.

Thus, these tools are used to enlighten the photographs in all aspects of its posture, color gradation, variation and layers. The wholesome package altogether brings photographs to life!

Basically, clipping path means cutting out a portion from an image. In other words, we can say removing the selected portion and spots from the images to modify it is known as clipping. Multi clipping paths and color correction are the techniques that are frequently used by the graphic experts to modify an image.

The method of multiple clipping paths can be used, especially, for those images that need separation of some of the parts of the image. This can also achieve by splitting the image into small parts and further edit or manipulate them in Photoshop. One can even use multiple clipping paths to correct text that is wrapped around the image. With the help of color correction also one can achieve the desired image.

There are many times when we feel that the image would be much better some other color and background. One can easily build a desired image by using multiple clipping or color correction technique. In short, color correction and multiple clipping paths are great techniques in which one can bring new life to the image by removing unnecessary objects from the image. For this, one must visualize the image after color correction. These techniques can be used in a wide variety of fields like – magazines, catalogues, brochures etc. This is the reason why color grading services gained a lot of significance and value. Here is a step-by-step guide on how doing multiple clipping paths using photoshop.

  1. Select the image for which you want to create multiple clipping paths.
  2. Open that image in photoshop and select the pen tool after opening the image.
  3. From the pen tool menu, select the path option.
  4. By clicking on the image edge, drag the mouse pointer to the next step and move until you go close to the path.
  5. Now, you have selected the object, by completing the path around the objects.
  6. Double click on the “work path’ and save the path as ‘path -1’.
  7. Go to the pop-up menu and select the clipping path. Now, you have to select the path which you want to be clipped.  After selecting the path click OK.
  8. Save this file in PSD and TIFF format. Now, you can use this file in any of the programs you are working with for your design.

There are many photo editing companies in India that offer color grading services by using a wide range of techniques and tools. These companies have a team of professionals who ensures quick turnaround for the images. The color grading services are being used for extremely for creating jewelry designs. One can assemble a wide range of jewelry by this technique of multiple clipping paths. Moreover, these techniques save a lot of time while executing complex tasks like image editing, color correction and image masking. The overhead cost of the companies also reduces and one can incur more profit than expected.

Business Visibility with Flash and Cartoon Animation

In the field of computer animation, character animation is treated to be a specialized job area. In character animation process some featured persons or animals are animated with or without the aid of computers. This character animation is done considering creation of background and the environment they will act.

Character animation has a long history. In the primitive age, characters were engraved on the wall of the caves. They were not character animation but they had a story behind like the story board used today in the character animation. Traditional cartoon animation was done by using hand drawn sketches. Later, transparent cellular were used to make cartoon animation. This cellular’s were put on one after another and filmed with a special camera to make a illusion of moving character vertically and horizontally. In the latest computer imagery technology, in 3D animation process, realistic character animation is done from 3D mesh.

Now,  online presence has become a must for all types of business. Be it small or big, online or offline or has physical presence in brick wall or not. Today, cartoon animation in business is mainly used in television commercial and online promotions. Use of cartoon animation can build a strong online presence as well as brand image. Especially cartoon animation of logo with appealing graphic can put a lasting image in the mind of the consumers. Consumers’ attachment plays a significant role in their buying behavior. Making web videos with cartoon animation can make appealing content that keep the consumers engaged with the company and that helps in internet marketing.

Another use of cartoon animation can be, developing teaching materials in a fun way. Web video with cartoon animation makes the learning interesting, easier and holds the concentration of the learners. That makes imparting skill and knowledge easy. Many good tutorials are made with Flash.

Almost every dynamic web site uses more or less flash character animation. Adobe Flash is used for flash character animation. Itis a compiled file created by Adobe (Formerly Macromedia) Flash software. It generates a .swf file which can be played by flash player and can be embedded in HTML file. Flash can also create gif animation.

Flash character animation has become popular because of its portability. Flash character animation is possible with rich graphics but it takes less space. Flash character animation facilitates web design for almost every platform and devices as well as for slow internet speed. Only a small plug-in is required to play the flash character animation. It is free for most of the internet browsers and easy to install.

Flash covers multimedia platform. Web page design with flash offers a diversified option. It allows animated text, moving logos, graphics and also music and other types of advanced media features.

Flash character animation can response to mouse click and key board commands that enables the web site interactive and attractive. Almost all 2D graphics can be manipulated by Flash. Most of the object motion and visual style is possible by using its capabilities like motion twin, morphing, blurring and transition, transform, explode etc. Flash character animation makes users more engaged in the web site and prompts to come back to the site again and again.

Importance of Funny Character Illustration in Comics

The demand for Illustration is rising day by day. One can find various types of illustrations in children’s books. The types of illustrations include – cartoon illustration, fiction illustration, 3D illustration, portrait illustration, magazine illustration and many others.  If we consider digital media, funny character illustration plays a very important role and is used in many fields like – comic books, cartoon movies, websites etc.  It became one of the important and pleasurable parts of the animation industry. The flavor of illustrations is seen mostly in cartoon movies and comic books. An illustration can be described as a drawing, painting or an artwork that is created to dictate a story or convey a message. Funny character illustration has a great impact on children as they are delivered in the form cartoon or comics to amuse children.

Everyone likes cartoon characters as they take us into a very different world. The first thing that strikes our mind when we think of cartoon characters is fun and entertainment. With various illustrators and software available today, it has become very easy to create funny characters. One can use cartoon illustration to create realistic cartoon characters as well as remarkable artworks.

Photoshop is considered as the leading software for illustrators from around the globe. A majority of graphic designers and cartoonists use photoshop to sketch different funny characters which can complement the stories written for kids. Most of the kids get impatient to read the story and contents. But if the story is represented in the form of cartoons, they get the message and the idea of the story at a glance. Hence, cartoon illustrations and funny character illustrations play a vital role in comics.

Whether it is a cartoon illustration or fiction illustration, cartoonists are and designers are getting great help. The illustrations reduced the stress of writing long and lengthy scripts and stories. One can easily express the emotions and convey the message or moral of the story by just adding a few characters in it. But, designers must keep few things in mind that – the illustration is not amplified and is delivering the message in a simple way.   

On the other hand, fiction illustration grabs the attention of teenagers and youngsters. Fiction illustration is the medium in which text and images work together to convey a message or a story. It consists of various types and can be written for both children as well as adults. Fiction illustration can be inserted in picture books, comic strips, fiction novels, magazines etc.  Comic books with fiction illustration have a great impact and influence on children, as they present the story in a unique way.

Today, illustrations are highly in demand and people are showing interest to gain knowledge in creating illustrations. Readers can get a clear idea of content  by just seeing the visual representations. It saves   time of the readers and the efforts of the designer. For people who are interested in cartooning or want to become an illustrator, there are a number of resources available on the internet. With the help of tutorials available, one can easily turn their sketch into a cartoon illustration or funny character illustration.  With the help of resources available, You can easily learn from drawing a smiling face to creating a high quality 3D illustration.

Impact of Illustrations in Advertising Industry

Illustration is built-up with the knowledge, a sketch can deliver the meaning of thousand words. It is the graphic image that conveys the message directly to the viewer’s eye and create an everlasting impression.  Today, these illustrations are in demand and are widely used in the areas of advertising. Companies are communication and promoting their products and services through advertising illustration. Similarly, book cover illustration and magazine illustration gave new life and changed the way of doing business.

Today, advertisement is a great way to promote and market products and services. It has become  important for companies to promote their products and this can be achieved through advertising illustration. It is a common tendency that, humans respond to visual presentation than text. People don’t like to spend their time in reading. Rather, they show much interest in grabbing the information in an easy and quick way. All these things can be achieved with the help of advertising illustration.  In this golden era of illustration, Advertising illustration is considered as the most popular and influential art.

Similarly, to increase the sales of magazines, companies use the art of magazine illustration. In today’s busy life, nobody has much time to sit and read a book or magazine. People even read the newspaper in minutes. Only a few people show interest in reading lengthy articles and content. To grab the attention of readers, magazine companies are using the technique of magazine illustration. If we see some of the latest magazines, we will find beautiful illustrations in them. Magazine illustration is used to improve the visual appearance of the magazine. The readers will show a great interest in reading magazines with illustrations, as they are getting the required information in less time.

We all know that first impression is the best impression. It is also applicable to books, magazines and novels. The first impression about a book comes from the book cover. Most of the people initially get attracted by the book cover. People flip through the pages of the book, only after having a look at the book cover. So, layout and design of the book cover are very important. To enhance the appearance of the book cover, designers use the technique of book cover illustration. A strong design should be incorporated on the cover to give a good impression. The book cover illustration should never be complex and must allow the design to appear outstanding. Today, book cover illustrators are highly in demand and many advertising and publishing companies are trying hard to find an illustrator.

Since publishing, advertising and marketing have become very important in today’s world, one can have a bright career in illustration. Any individual with creativity and basic knowledge of sketching and drawing can make a good career in illustration. With the wide scope in the advertising industry, individuals with relevant skills can become advertising illustrators. Not only in the advertising industry, one can become a graphic designer or illustrator as there is a lot of scope in this field.


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